Welcome to the website of mobile stage installations by TE-ART. Our offer is addressed to stage designers, directors, as well as to all those who wish to implement their remarkable ideas related to scenography drives. We can animate any stage decoration, adapting its movement appropriately to the needs and assumptions of every, even the most demanding, scenographer.


stage decorations,
Historical vehicle replicas



Our experience

We have been on the market since 2008. All our projects have been completed successfully thanks to the combination of our expertise, passion and cutting-edge technology. We have employed solely proven and reliable control and actuator systems, suitable for work in demanding conditions, i.e. in the presence of interference, dirt and dust, and sometimes even water. We have selected and employed fully scalable control systems which is why their components are chosen on a case by case basis to ensure they will perform reliably for a long time.

Proven technology

Depending on the application requirements, the movement is effected by asynchronous, stepper or synchronous motors with permanent magnets. The latter, characterised by the highest power to capacity ratio, ability to operate in a wide range of rpm values and extraordinary reliability, are the foundation of the most advanced movement applications where the dynamics and positioning accuracy are the most important. The movement control system is based on technology verified in industry before. Those include e.g. virtual axes, electronic cams and gears, as well as advanced mechanisms of synchronising many axes with respect to their orientation or velocity.

In non-standard systems, the movement is offered by a proprietary trajectory generator which generates (over 2,000 times per second) consecutive values of the preset orientation for every servo motor integrated in a digital, deterministic communication network based on the movement path determined by the user. Thanks to that, movement is carried out more precisely and the digital data exchange ensures comprehensive control of the movement, guaranteeing safety. Creating new, frequently prototypical structures meeting the customer’s expectations is our passion, thanks to which we are pleased to start every project.